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Dec 27, 2017

You've likely heard about the Bundy trial that's been taking place these past few weeks in Las Vegas. What many people don't realize is that the conflict over cattle and public lands are merely symptoms of a larger power struggle that's been going on for decades. It's been a long time since the average citizen has had to do any heavy lifting regarding keeping government--at all levels--accountable to we the people. Get ready for some behind-the-scenes insights about the Bundy family's struggle and why it affects more than just Western ranchers.

Dec 22, 2017

Few things have stirred up the discussion on social media like the Federal Communications Commission's recent repeal of net neutrality. Depending on who you were listening to, the end of net neutrality was either going to destroy the internet or make it better by introducing genuine competition between internet service providers. Since Brad Green is a highly savvy businessman who makes his living via online commerce, we wanted to get his take on net neutrality and how its repeal may impact our lives.

Dec 19, 2017

Jack Phillips isn’t exactly a household name but he may be in the near future. Phillips is the Colorado baker who declined a request to create a wedding cake for a same sex wedding. That action landed him before his state’s civil rights commission who told him he could not decline to make the cake. This decision was affirmed by the Colorado Supreme Court and is now before the U.S. Supreme Court. Is it strictly a matter of his religious free speech or is there a better argument to be made for his property rights?

Dec 13, 2017

It’s not enough to simply be rich or famous, if you want to change the world in any measurable way, you must understand how to wield influence. If you don’t share your message, who will? Josh Steimle joins us to talk about the process of becoming a thought leader and influencer and how to build your personal brand in a way that gets you the right kind of attention.

Dec 10, 2017

The social script that most of us grow up with is something along the lines of: “Get good grades in school, go to college, get a degree and then get a good job.” That’s not a bad idea if life is primarily about having a career. But what happens when you discover a sense of personal purpose in your life? Purpose brings a sense of fulfillment and motivation to our lives that a paycheck or fame and fortune cannot. In this episode we’ll discuss how to seek out your individual purpose and why the world needs more individuals who consider this a priority.

Dec 5, 2017

Urban sprawl is creating serious challenges in a number of population centers across America and throughout the world. We’ve grown accustomed to having big homes and spending considerable amounts of time commuting to our work, shopping and community functions. Many of us have also lost touch with how our food gets to our table. Is there a better way we could be living in 1/5 of the space we currently inhabit? Could we produce more of what we eat right in our own communities? David Hall is a scientist, a visionary, and a prospective community planner who has some surprising answers to these questions and how we may be living in the future.

Nov 23, 2017

Good laws serve a needed protective function of our natural rights. But what should we think of bad laws? Many of the laws on the books have been around long enough that we seldom question why they were put there in the first place. It's astonishing how many of these laws, upon closer examination, are found to be rooted in thoroughly racist thinking and a desire to control what were considered "undesirable" people. 

Nov 21, 2017

When dealing with human beings, nothing is infallible. Unfortunately, that includes our justice system as well. Despite the safeguards and guarantees that are supposed to protect our inalienable rights, innocent people still find themselves on the wrong side of justice. Rebecca Brown from the Innocence Project joins us to discuss how prevalent the problem has become and what's being done to correct these injustices.

Nov 18, 2017

Everything in which we allow government to become highly involved can easily become politicized. Nowhere is this more true than in what has happened to modern medicine. From the bureaucratic red tape that medical professionals must work through to the regulatory denial of treatments that provide tangible relief to patients, medicine has been largely captured by the state. Should we be able to make the important decisions regarding our own medical care? Or should this be relegated primarily to government-controlled experts?

Nov 15, 2017

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or simply someone with an idea that can change the world, getting your message out can be a challenge. In the Digital Age, it’s not enough to simply reach the same small group of dedicated followers, your message needs to go viral. Bryce Jurgensmeier joins us to discuss how to share your story in such a way that people will voluntarily evangelize for you and help it spread like wildfire. Viral marketing isn’t just for the big boys, it’s for anyone who’s willing to learn how to create viral content.

Nov 9, 2017

Few things get people riled up more quickly than the suggestion that exercising self control over our passions is a good thing. What if there was objective, historical evidence that societies who focus their energies on pleasure-seeking, set the stage for their own decline? Hedonism is becoming more acceptable in American culture all the time. Does it have a ripple effect throughout society? Should cultural morality require official laws and policies to be effective? 

Nov 7, 2017

Civil asset forfeiture lets law enforcement seize and sell property they assert has been involved in criminal activity. This means your money, your car, home or other valuable items can be taken from you without you having been charged with – much less convicted of – a crime. It’s one thing to prevent someone from profiting from criminal acts once they’ve been afforded due process and convicted of a crime. Taking the property of innocent people is something else. Sheldon Gilbert from the Institute of Justice joins us to discuss civil asset forfeiture and what is being done in regards to much-needed reform of these laws.

Nov 3, 2017

Ever notice how most people are huge supporters of free speech, right up until they encounter an opinion that is contrary to what they want to hear? This trend is evident on a number of college campuses these days but each of us could benefit from a better understanding of what free speech is and what it isn't. If we're serious about elevating the conversation above bumper sticker slogans, we have to be willing to examine what others are saying--whether we agree with them or not. We also discuss the importance of building a platform and creating an audience so that we're not just wasting our words. 

Oct 31, 2017

Why is it that so many truly innovative ideas get bogged down in precautionary rules, regulations and red tape? One notable exception, where regulators allowed an innovation to develop organically, is the internet. Adam Thierer from the Mercatus Center joins us to discuss permissionless innovation and how it allows transformational ideas to make our world a better place without some bureaucrat deciding exactly what form it should take. 

Oct 26, 2017

When we hear the term "black market" many of us think of illegal goods trading hands in the shadows. But a closer look at what constitutes black market activity shows that even simple things like beekeeping, lemonade stands and other unregulated--yet voluntary--exchanges are also examples of the black market. Can there be virtue in helping one another meet our needs without first seeking government permission? 

Oct 24, 2017

The war drums have been beating almost non-stop for most of our lives now. Are we really being protected from various enemies at the gate or is war simply the health of the state? Angela Keaton from joins us to discuss what the peace movement today is and is not. She also gives us a solid recounting of the history of the peace movement and where it is headed.

Oct 20, 2017

Writing a book isn't the easiest thing you'll ever do. But if you have an idea that you wish to share or defend or are looking to build your credibility with like-minded individuals, it's a highly worthwhile pursuit. In this episode, Connor shares many of the hard-won lessons that he's learned while writing and publishing 13 books. What he has to say will inspire you if you aspire to be an author and it will also help you more easily navigate what can be a daunting process.  

Oct 17, 2017

The right to own, control and use one's private property is the  cornerstone of liberty. But property rights in America have been steadily eroding for many generations. From zoning codes to property taxes to eminent domain, your private property rights are taking a regular beating. Christina Sandefur from the Goldwater Institute joins us to discuss what's being done to restore and protect our property rights.

Oct 12, 2017

Two of the most dominant forces in modern society are fear and status. Unfortunately, these forces can also be highly destructive, depending on how much we allow them to influence our decisions. If you've ever felt stressed out about "keeping up with the Joneses", it may be time to examine what we regard as status symbols and whether they genuinely contribute to the kind of life we'd like to live. 

Oct 10, 2017

The vast majority of Americans recognize Alexander Hamilton as the face on the ten dollar bill. Some may also recall that he was one of the founding generation or that there's a Broadway musical about him. Very few understand how Hamilton's ideals have affected us throughout American History. Author and historian Brion McClanahan joins us to explain the often overlooked connections between Hamilton's influence and the government overreach we see in our time.

Oct 5, 2017

Few subjects spark the kind of emotional polarization that the topic of immigration does. Like most issues, once immigration became politicized, it became a power struggle. In this episode, we examine the most common concerns, misconceptions and the underlying principles of limited government that pertain to immigration in America.  

Oct 3, 2017

Americans tend to be nonchalant about their freedom of speech. It's something we too easily take for granted. However, college and university campuses across the nation are becoming the flashpoint for a growing number of freedom of speech issues. In this episode, we're joined by Adam Steinbaugh of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. FIRE is currently involved in a number of cases involving free speech and due process in institutions of higher learning. 

Sep 29, 2017

When it comes to numbers, the Millennial generation is king. This means they'll have an increasing amount of influence on society as they mature. If you want to influence the members of this generation, it's going to require different tactics than previous generations did. Economist and author Matt Kibbe joins us to discuss what works and what doesn't when it comes to advocating for liberty and free markets among Millennials.

Sep 27, 2017

How we view politics goes far beyond who we vote for during an election. The way that we understand how society should work, how people should interact and the role government should play are all a part of our individual political philosophy. Naturally, that's pretty difficult to compartmentalize, even when it comes to how we raise our kids. How do our personal politics affect the way we parent? 

Sep 25, 2017

If you've ever wondered whether you're really qualified to teach your own children, Laura Blodgett has a message you need to hear. Your confidence as a parent will soar when you hear Laura's take on why you're more qualified than you've been led to believe. Learn about the difference between institutional learning and the quality of learning that happens when you become an expert on each of your kids. 

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